There's nothing on TV- Just the Olympics and re-runs of either really naff TV shows or ones you've seen a million times before. Your thumb actually hurts from all of the channel flicking.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You can never decide on a film- In the absence of anything good on TV, you decide to watch a movie- that's the easy part- making your minds up what to watch can take all night.

Your sex life gets a boost- With nothing to watch- sex seems like your only entertainment, so your activity levels go up too.

You eat more- But this is counteracted by how much you eat through sheer boredom.

You also spend more money- You try to get out the house- and when neither of you can be bothered to go for a walk- you end up at the nearest restaurant or take away to kill a few hours.

You envy other couples who enjoy watching it- It would make life easier if you both liked to watch it- but alas all you can do is hunker down until it's all over.

You try to inspire conversation- You each put in the effort to have a chat about things you've heard from other people or on the radio- but your hearts are not in it and you resort to talking about anything else.

You can't understand it when people get excited when someone wins- Your partner was able to get through an entire night next to you without farting- that deserves a medal and some tears in your world.

You talk more- You find that in the absence of your usual TV habits you are sharing stories from your working day and making plans. You forgot how important this communication thing is to your relationship.

You have lots of naps- There's nothing else for it- so you snuggle up on the couch or go to bed and have forty winks together.

You end up at the cinema- Normally it's a weekend event but you feel like you could host your own couple's movie review column by the time it's all over.

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