Most people try very hard to put their exes to the back of their minds but despite your best efforts, there are some memories that are stubborn and punish you on a regular basis. We take a look at just some of the things that are impossible to forget.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Your early courtship- You wish you could go back in time, knowing what you do now and just walk away. You remain baffled as to why they were so appealing to you in the first place. They clearly weren't right for you but you were blind to it.

Their bad points- You never forget their faults- they had them- as we all do- but on reflection, theirs just seemed so much more annoying than your worst enemy.

Their friends- They were people you tolerated for your partner's sake but you hated each and every one of them. You are just glad you don't have to make nice with them anymore.

Their habits- Habits can be cute in someone you love, but when it comes to your ex, everything they did habitually irritated you and does even now when you cast your mind back.

The nasty things they said to you- Will be forever etched on your brain. Like when they insulted your appearance or your family- it makes your blood boil even now. If they said it to you now- your comeback would be Oscar worthy.

Their smell- If someone walks past you in the street wearing their scent- the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Is it them? You silently plead- 'please don't let it be them'. Then you realise that the company they bought it from probably made more than one bottle of the stinky stuff.

The day you realised it was over- When you or they started the ball rolling on your break up and you realised life as you knew would never be the same again.  

The tears you shed for them- Why did you waste so much time crying over someone who made you miserable? They were not worth your energy.

The day you broke up- You were riddled with worry that you would never find someone else again but also relieved that part of your life was over and you were finally free.

The day they got back in touch- You made a new life, you were happy, then they contacted you and you were forced to think of them again when your memories of your life together were locked away at the back of your mind.

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