Puppy Love conjures up images of teenagers in school experiencing what they believe is love for the first time in their lives. The term 'puppy love' is often associated young people who are naïve when it comes to matters of the heart and with this can be clinginess, too much affection and energy levels that just won't quit according to eHarmony.com.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

This is not something commonly attributed with adults, however, it can creep into adulthood and many older people feel this with every new romance- often making their partner feel cosseted.

We take a look at the top eight symptoms of puppy love so you can do something about it sooner rather than later.

You are inseparable: If you can't even go to the toilet or shower without the other one taking a peek to see that you still exist in their world- take a step back. Or they have routed through your personal belongings so you have no barriers whatsoever, then maybe it's gone too far and you need to set some ground rules for each other.

Friends and family are a distant memory: If you have not made contact with your friends and family for a while and they are calling you to ask if you are still alive, love and like them, then you need to make some time for other people.

Your cleanliness had taken a hit: If your home looks like someone has burgled it and you have not got dressed on any of the days you are not at work - please put on some clothes and run a hoover around.

Alone time- what's that?!- Don't have a tag along everywhere you go- you NEED alone time for your sanity- so even if it's to the gym or the corner shops- learn to love being by yourself- if it doesn't work out you will feel lost and lonely if you don't clear room for 'me time'.

Sleep is suffering- While endless sex is all well and good- your body needs to rest- so allow yourself some time to recoup the energy that's been lost or your job and health will suffer.

Technology overload: 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' is something that today's lovers will never learn the true significance of. With the help from mobiles, you are never that long away from a text, or Facebook message from your partner. But these little snippets should be sent sparingly- quality over quantity- no one wants to feel like their parents are checking up on them in their twenties.

Information overkill- Like unwrapping a really good present- take your time otherwise the relationship will climax too soon and the honeymoon period will be a distant memory.

Personal Space- There is a temptation to be all over your partner all the time at first- when someone tells you to 'get a room'- you have crossed that line and the line is now a dot to you!

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