As The Great British Bake Off comes to a close, we take a look at the highs and lows of having a partner who's good at baking.

They bake cookies!

They bake cookies!

There's always something to eat- Never do you come home and say 'what should we have for tea?' There's always something nestled in the back of the fridge for both your evening meal and dessert.

Your house always smells great- You get continuous wafts of the delicious scent that lurks in supermarkets around the bread and cake aisle. You instantly want to eat something- anything when you set foot through the door.

You work well together- If you're not great in the kitchen- you still make a great team. When you have guests over- you play waiter/waitress while they pass you the food to distribute. Seems like a fair trade to me.

You save money- All the money you would have spent on meals out or baked convenience food stays right in your bank account. Spend money on baked goods that's haven't been made by your loved one? Are you mad?

They are willing to teach you- They know all the tricks and tweaks to get the best bake like the back of their hand. Passing on their wisdom is easy because there is no fiddly cook book referencing- it just rolls off the tongue.

They like big eaters- You don't have to be embarrassed to tuck in around them because they want you to enjoy their food. If you ask for seconds they won't judge, they will only be flattered.

They are generous with their food- If you have a party to go to or are dropping around at someone's house, they can whip something up that shows they have put in the effort. Consequently your friends and family love them.

They make your favourite bakes on special occasions- A birthday cake on your special day or a homemade pie on your anniversary- they have a bake for every one of your celebrations.

Presents are a breeze- There's always some new baking gadget on the market that they would be thrilled to have in their kitchen so Christmas and Birthdays are easy for ideas.

They aren't offended by muffin tops- Chances are if they eat what they bake- they may be sporting their own muffin top. If you have one they will understand it's worth having a little extra 'insulation' if it means eating great bakes.

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