Today is National No Beard Day- so we take a look at why having no facial hair is a perk for the ladies!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You don't get bristle kisses- Your kissing routine feels less like a chapter from The Twits and more like a scene from Fifty Shades.

You can enjoy better oral- *Enough said*

You can enjoy romantic dinners together- The movies lied- a gentle brush with a clean, white napkin just won't cut it. Waiters and fellow diners look at you funny when you have your own little game of operation going on the corner- but it has to be done if he doesn't shave. If he does- you pray for a stray crumb so you can touch his face.

You don't have pubic problems- A well-manicured beard is fine, however, when it begins to look like he has tacked the hair from your bikini wax onto his face- it's time to pull out the clippers.

He can pull off a suit- Sadly, when a man wears a suit the unwritten rule is- he must also shave his face. It's like polishing a poo otherwise. James Bond never wears a suit with stubble and there's a reason for it.

Ingrown hairs are no longer a worry- If and when he eventually shaves his face- he looks like he's caught something nasty. There is no denying- you enjoy removing an ingrown hair that will rival those on You Tube, but still- people start asking questions about his rash and the hygiene of your downstairs. With a shaven face all this goes away.

You're willing to have more sex- If your deepest darkest fantasy is to have sex with a caveman- then a beard could work for you. That said, research has found that a man shaving his face works like catnip on women so you are probably no different.

He looks clean- Like it or not- sporting a beard makes him look dirty- when he takes it off- the only dirt in your relationship is between the sheets.

You can read his facial expressions again- A beard can hide a multitude of minor facial movements- making it hard to figure out how he really feels about you. In its absence you can better judge what mood he's in.

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