To mark the launch of the new crime drama Crossing Lines on channel Alibi, British adults were asked what lines they have crossed and we hypothesize how it might apply to their romantic relationships!

Will you own up to any of these?

Will you own up to any of these?

Speeding- When that take away is losing heat or you told your partner that you would be back in five when you are miles away- you think there is no other option but to put your foot down.

Having sex in a public space- After being together for a while- the bed, the couch, the kitchen work surface and the floor in every room in your house just become a bit samey. To the great outdoors it is!

Dropping litter- After sex in a public place, it can kill the mood if you tie a knot in the used condom and take it home with you like a bag of rubbish after a picnic.

Illegally downloading music or films/TV- If you have been together for a while you have probably managed to watch every legal boxset and your joint account penny pinching rules out Netflix or Now TV.

Pilfering hotel room goods- After watching the episode of Friends where Ross does it you know what you can and can't get away with. No words are exchanged you both just start loading up the goods before you check out- times are hard when you have a mortgage.

Avoiding a travel fare- You are experts at going in for a full on smooch or hiding in the toilet just as the ticket collector arrives in your carriage.

Taking recreational drugs- Every couple likes to dabble before they get responsible for the little people- otherwise known as kids.

Parking on double yellow lines- To nip in for that bottle of booze before your Friday date night, drunken sex is worth the risk!

Texting/using mobile without hands-free when driving- Even if you are a long term couple- you still feel you have to text back right away. The most romantic risk you will ever take…

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