The Good Witches of the North are also known as leadership coaches Bec Howard and Dannie Lu Carr who have aided hundreds of women from many backgrounds, including actors, CEOs and entrepreneurs to change the way they think. They are experts in the psychology of identity and performance and offer a 'mind spa' that encourages women to be the best version of themselves for a day.

The Good Witches of the North

The Good Witches of the North

They have put together 31 spells or tips- one for each day for a month to help women to get rid of their self-limiting beliefs and gain confidence in their own brilliance thus benefitting their professional and personal lives.

The first of these tips is The Empowerment Spell. We will have a look at one every day for a month and by the end of it you should be feeling- more confident, assertive, happier at letting go of the past, have improved your relationships with friends and colleagues, getting what you want and able to release stress and anxiety with ease.

The "Empowerment" Spell:

Omit the word 'sorry' from your vocabulary for a week and see what difference it makes- we use this word far too often in our daily lives in person, via text and email and it sucks the power from us.

Not using this word will give you newly found power and liberation- begin by deleting any 'sorrys' from your emails and text messages you find to prepare you for your new 'sorry' replaced silence.

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