Situations pertaining to an ex-partner are often fraught with emotional dilemmas and unanswered questions. While at times the quest for clarity and understanding may be rewarded with truth, more frequently, the journey remains rather ambiguous. Lack of concise communication can be partially held responsible, although emotional confusion together with the inability to accept limitation, contribute significantly towards any eventual outcome.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

In order to tackle any ex scenario efficiently a number of questions should be taken into consideration. These include:

  1. What proved to be the main catalyst inducing the termination of the relationship?
  2. How was the liaison nurtured while in effect?
  3. Who do you feel contributed the most on a beneficial level to the needs of the relationship?
  4. Who do you think contributed the most on a detrimental level to the persistence of difficulties in the relationship?
  5. What stands out as the prominent emotional quality linked with any important events or decisions at the time?
  6. What role did expectation play in the success and demise of the relationship?
  7. Was any relevant expectation defined and understood?
  8. What part did communication play in the overall dynamics?
  9. What words would you use to define the progression and possible completion of the relationship?

For optimum results, the issues raised by these questions need to be reflected upon meticulously. A totally honest approach towards the subject is also a key ingredient. A problematic ex relationship can never be resolved or rekindled, without a realistic inspection of the truth. After all, what necessity is there to reconsider an ex, unless a fresh and constructive direction can be set into motion?

Of course, analysis of the ex scenario is not always dependent upon a desire to re-establish the relationship. There are two other crucial factors which may call for the re-examination of liaisons that although no longer in effect, still need attention. These are:

  1. A wish for complete and peaceful closure, where perhaps this was not achieved previously or the opportunity was not in place.
  2. A necessity to reflect on the lessons contained within the relationship, in order to comprehend and avoid similar patterns, insecurities and inadequate conditions.

Most ex-related dilemmas seem to thrive upon the existence of certain common denominators. These traits are then merely modified to accommodate for the varying individuals and circumstances relevant at any given point in time. Although every relationship must be firstly analysed and understood on its own merit, similarities relating to different ex scenarios or even familiar traits extending to any ongoing experience, must be given special consideration. Patterns normally divulge valuable information. Investigating these repetitive features can prove extremely beneficial in breaking away from uncertainty and enabling a greater sense of emotional well-being.

Regardless of the reasons why an ex dilemma needs to be examined, the very first step towards analysis in the matter is to decide your own position. If the answer seems apparent from the start, then tackling the questions mentioned would offer further clarification leading to a much more informed and confident decision.

However, should your position in the matter look indecisive, then working through those crucial questions may be regarded as a journey of discovery. As all the relevant angles are explored and dissected, a far more definitive picture will gradually emerge. This in turn should lead to a more optimistic sentiment as far as personal bearing is concerned.

Perhaps the most resilient hindrance associated with any ex scenario is the concept of misplaced emotional attachment. The reference to the word ‘misplaced’ finds its roots in the fact that the emotional content and intensity associated with the relationship does not justifiably reflect the actual events or circumstances in question. The side effect of such imbalance normally manifests itself in the form of confusion over the issues that prompted the split. This in turn can lead to further insecurity and emotional quandary as to the appropriate steps that need to be taken to ensure favourable results.

When it comes to an ending, rarely does any ex scenario include a sudden and complete emotional closure. While this does not necessarily imply that every situation involving an ex should be construed as disastrous, the original reasons behind the break up should never be ignored. Love is precious and as such, must be treated with utmost sincerity and respect. The road to emotional fulfilment begins with a desire to understand and acknowledge the facts that lie behind the illusion. The real answers can only emerge from the simple pages of the truth.

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