With online dating becoming more niche and new websites launching daily, TrekDating.com, the leading dating website for Star Trek fans, tells us why we might want to consider looking to the stars to find our soulmate.

There's always a new show to watch together!

There's always a new show to watch together!

They can speak an exotic language

Granted Klingon isn't universally known as the language of love but it says a lot about a person who puts so much effort into learning a foreign tongue. And who knows, you might like them whispering sweet nothings in your ear at night.

A lesson in space and science

So Star Trek may not be the most scientifically accurate show, but breaking out some of the lingo and in between setting phasers to stun and talking about nuclear wessels, you'll sound like a bonafide tech whizz.

Easy to buy presents for

With the abundance of Star Trek memorabilia and merchandise to choose from, you'll never be short of present ideas for those special occasions. Even better, if you have an argument, sticking to presents with the words "near-mint" and "limited edition" will always work in your favour.

Boxset binging just got easier

With 6 different iterations of the television show and 12 films in the franchise, those cold winter nights in front of the TV just got a lot easier. Who needs Breaking Bad when you have Jean-Luc Picard exploring the galaxy?

Unwavering loyalty

The franchise has seen its ups and down throughout the years but the fans have remained loyal and continued to support it even in it's darkest days. A valuable trait to look for in a partner you could say.

Open minded

As fans of a show that is all about respecting other races and aliens, the Trekkie community is one of the most open minded and embraces new cultures and ideas. Great news if you're looking to travel world and want a partner on your expedition.

Role play

Firefighters and police officers are old hat. Trekkie can bring a whole new meaning to role play and let's face it, space captains are much sexier than a bog-standard pilot or air stewardess.

Conventions galore

Dating a Trekkie will undoubtedly mean you will get to go along to all the conventions. With Comic Con boasting exclusive first looks at films and a chance to get up close and personal with the stars, it certainly beats being dragged to the football.

Not afraid of commitment

Being a Trekkie requires full commitment. Whether it's having the biggest collection of memorabilia, the best cos-play outfit at Comic Con or sticking with the franchise during those bleak Enterprise days. You can guarantee you won't find a partner more committed to live long and prosper with.

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