Weight loss expert Steve Miller says that if your partner is overweight don’t take them out for a meal or buy them chocolates. There are plenty of other options that will help them get to their goals faster with your encouragement.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

He believes that people should not surrender to this habit and think outside the box for a gift that will actually help rather than hinder a partner’s progress and more importantly their happiness. Steve wants to convey the message that food is not an expression of love to a partner who is overweight.

Steve Miller’s 6 healthy ways to show a fat partner you love them

Clothes- Take your partner to a shopping mall and buy them something that makes them feel good- soon they will forget about that dinner out and want to strut their stuff in their new outfit.

Historical house- Visit a stately home or country and house and take a walk around the gardens instead of stopping at the cafe- this not only helps to work that grey matter but your muscles too.

Spas- Go for a day in the spa and enjoy swimming, treatments, different room experiences and quality time together. Spas notoriously offer healthy snacks too so there are no temptations here.

Activities- Activities hold far more memories than a gift. Try something off your bucket list and go pony trekking, ice skating or salsa dancing- it’s something different and you never know you both might like it so much that you make a hobby out of it.   

Healthy day- Go to the gym in the morning, grab a quick massage or a steam and cook a healthy meal for tea. You will feel energised for any evening activities.  

Bed- Spend the day between the sheets burring off the calories with an enthusiastic sex session and feed each other fruits to keep your stamina up.