It won’t be anything like Lady and the Tramp- The film lied to us all. It’s not cute, it’s not residue free and meeting in the middle of a length of spaghetti is just plain WEIRD, even if you’ve been together a while. Don’t be fooled by Disney!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It’s messy- No-one wants to look up at their date and see a face covered in red sauce now do they? Even if you do have table manners, Spaghetti Bolognese makes you look like your parents skipped the dining etiquette part of your upbringing.

You might ruin your date outfit- If you’ve been looking forward to this for a while and gone all out to buy a new dress or top, the last thing you need is a massive spaghetti sauce stain down the front for the rest of your evening’s events.

It calls for a napkin- Nothing is less sexy than when someone tucks a napkin in their top to avoid spillages. So any food that might require such a wardrobe addition- it’s probably best avoid them completely.

It’s fiddly- While you’re trying to wind that stuff around your fork- you might be missing out on some key eye contact, fail to notice an important facial expression or miss something they say. Better to eat something that takes little or no effort from plate to mouth.

It’s often made with herbs- And those little blighters get stuck everywhere in your mouth. It’s not easy to take in what someone is saying when you are distracted by that big piece of green that’s wedged in their gum every time they open their mouth to speak or smile.

It’s laden with garlic- A typical ingredient of this dish is of course garlic- and if you want to share a first kiss at the end of the night- you don’t really want their memory of you to be- ‘good kisser- shame about the breath’.

Its makes you want to curl up and go to sleep- You know yourself when you’ve eaten the stuff at home- all you want to do afterwards is snuggle up with a blanket and fall into a carb induced nap. Not ideal if you want to give your date the impression that you can stay out after 8pm.

It has some temping sides- It’s almost impossible to have a spaghetti without a side of garlic bread to dip in the leftover sauce. Not only is that adding more garlic, herbs AND carbs but you don’t want to look like you’re just out for the food and not your date. It’s another thing to eat and distract you. If you like your huge portions and several courses- you might want to save this for when you know each other a bit better.

It can make you feel bloated- If you want to look your best on your date- you don’t want a little food baby poking out after demolishing a pile of spaghetti. It might be wise to stick to things you know won’t give you back pain from having to suck in your stomach post-main course. 

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