In today’s society, sharing experiences and making new friends has never been easier, however social media can often create feelings of isolation when you are constantly surrounded by images of people out and about having fun with their friends.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Illnesses such as heart disease, insomnia and depression can all be linked with loneliness, so putting things into place to combat these feeling is important. It will also help to lead to a happier more confident you.

Having seen changes in individuals through their choir rehearsals, the team at BIG Sing have put together 5 of their favourite ways to work towards a more positive lifestyle.

1. Immerse yourself into your work

Becoming a workaholic inevitably means you’re keeping busy throughout the day. Whether at work or at home, keep yourself on your toes putting in 100% effort into everything you do. This in turn will help to block out any negative thoughts, ensuring you have the right mindset for a positive day.

A simple idea is to put music on wherever you go. Having headphones in can help you to focus more and finding a soothing genre of music can help you to relax. If your current working environment doesn’t play music, request it. The mood in the office will instantly be lifted and having a sing-a-long can raise spirits. If everyone was to join in, you’ll feel closer to colleagues helping to improve relationships.

2. Change your thought process

Changing your mindset can have positive impacts on your day to day activities. When selecting a movie to watch, choose the uplifting, happy stories rather than the emotional. Musicals such as Mumma Mia and The Greatest Showman will encourage you to join in with the singing, whilst also feeling as though you’re part of the musical. Comedy series can also lift your mood after what might’ve been a tough day at work. When waking up in the morning, begin your day by tuning in to your favourite radio station, this will instantly lift your spirits and help you to get ready for the day ahead. This will help get your day off to a positive start, raising your mood ready to tackle any problems you may come across.

Most importantly, steer away from the usual activities that can leave you feeling unmotivated or secluded, instead put your focus into tasks that you know will help you to feel more positive.

3. Connect with others

Whether this is with a friend or on your own, going to events that have a vast amount of people attending, can give you the boost that you need to put yourself out there! Ranging from the most basic events such as festivals, to the more serious work events, being in and around others and having the chance to create conversations will help towards feeling part of something bigger. Creating new relationships and building a new group of potential friends will make you feel on top of the world.

4. Become part of a team

Feeling part of a team, as well as meeting people regularly will help you to make new friends and to socialise with likeminded individuals. Joining a new team can at first be daunting, but after a couple of weeks of getting to know people you may even find yourself with new friends that you feel like you have known forever. Taking the next step to socialise with these individuals outside of the comfort of your new hobby could be exactly what you’ve been missing, leading to a happier and more content version of yourself.

5. Express yourself

With the creation of the internet it’s become easier to connect with others. Using social media, writing blogs or even chatting to people who remain unanimous are great ways to express your thoughts. A private blog or website where you don’t show your identity can allow you to write about your feelings without worrying about people knowing who you are. There is also the possibility of making money from your blog should it become a hit. Sharing similar experiences to others could be the key to helping those around you, who also want to begin to bring more positive changes into their lives.

Using these 5 simple tips could give you the kickstart you need to a happier more affirmative future.

BIG Sing are a choir who welcome all levels of ability to join their teams.