You take lots of pictures- Because everyone looks so cute all the time- you just want to squeeze their cheeks.

You know how to map read!

You know how to map read!

You are protective of your friends- You need to know if they feel comfortable with their new loves and if they treat your friends the way they deserve.

You handle difficult phone conventions- Like those with the bank- overdraft fees? You're a pro!

You can handle any situation- If there is a misplaced animal you are the go to person to catch it/ remove it.

You want your friends to succeed- They come to you for help with important stuff like CV overhauls. You are so happy when they get a new job or a promotion that it's almost like it happened to you.

You could have your own agony aunt column- From relationship woes to what to buy their mum for her birthday- you have an answer.

You make sure people eat well- If they are reaching for something that is bad for them- you are the first to call them up on it.

You look after your friends when they are drunk- By making sure they don't choke on their own vomit.

Everyone assumes you have your s**t together- but really you just deal with everyone else's first.

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