Men know when they have done something wrong- there is an atmosphere; a feeling- but there are also very specific signs to look out for too. So, if you’re a man who has ever had the strange sensation that there’s something up with your woman- it’s probably because of one of the following. To help you out- we have decoded some of the most common ones.

There's that feeling...

There's that feeling...

Giving short responses such as “I’m fine” when you ask her about her day- She is NOT fine- but you have to work out why she isn’t and what you’ve done to contribute to the NOT FINE. And no matter how hard you try- she won’t tell you- it’s like the word’s crappiest detective show.  

Going to bed early to read- She would rather spend time with a fantasy man than you- what does that say? If it's Fifty Shades- you're stuffed- no man can measure up to Christian. 

Rolling over in bed rather than spooning as usual- It’s even worse if she pushes your hand away when you try and put it around her. Your mere touch is repulsive.  

Not putting kisses on the end of a text message- If your messages are coming to an abrupt end- there is trouble at bay. And now you have to look back at every message and replay your last meeting to establish what the reason might me.

Not responding to any gestures of affection- If she doesn’t kiss you back or hold your hand when you hold it out- think long and hard about your latest actions and words.

Leaving the house without kissing goodbye- She likes to remind you that you’ve entered the ‘roommate zone’ when you’ve aggrieved her.

Not replying to your messages as quickly as normal- She’s too busy plotting her revenge to type.

Busying herself with chores rather than sitting down to watch a bit of TV- She would rather do housework than spend time with you- oh it’s awkward! If you pick up a duster- that might help...

Slam the doors- It’s a classic- but it gets the message across that she is maaaaad.

Withholding sex- It’s the double whammy- rejecting you AND your penis. Ouch!

Not making you a cup of tea when making herself one- She's so angry she wants you to dehydrate. #harsh.  

Slamming the dishes on the side when unpacking the dishwasher- This is self-explanatory- you should have emptied the dishwasher.

Not waiting up for you to get in after you've been on a night out- And God help you if you wake her up- you do NOT want to pull at that thread.

Reading your text messages so you get the ‘read receipt’ but don’t reply- She’s seen your message but she wants to play her favourite game of guess what? You have to message all of her friends to see if they know why there's a steely silence in your relationship.

Spending all evening on the phone to her girlfriends rather than talking to you- And moaning about you to them- at least you know what you’ve done wrong in this scenario.  

Locking the bathroom door when showering- Your seeing her naked privileges have been revoked.

Hogging the bed- You might as well go and sleep on the couch and think about what you did- even if you have no idea what that was.

Not helping out with your washing- The minute you have to go to work commando- it’s a sure-fire sign that you’re not her favourite person right now.

Watching a film you hate and refuses to switch it off- This is code for ‘I’m commandeering the man space and the man things until you say sorry’.

Forgetting to make the dinner- Again this is pretty clear cut- you don’t cook for her enough.

Forgetting to iron your shirts- You need to learn how to use an iron…

Watching the next episode of an exciting TV series without you even though you’ve promised you’d watch it together- It’s on a par with cheating so she knows it will push your buttons.

Using the end of the milk / bread and not bothering to buy anymore- It’s her way of telling you to get your ass to the shops.

Forgetting to make your lunch for work- You are clearly taking her for granted and need to thank her for all the little things she does for you- like making sandwiches.

Wearing an outfit or comfy clothes around the house that she knows you hates- Once she’s in the onesie there is no access point for you so you might as well put it in hibernation for a while.   

Putting on her pyjamas and taking off her make up before you get home from work- If you’re not making the effort to look good for her- she won’t bother either.

Leaving your favourite beer on the side to get warm- She doesn’t want you to enjoy anything until you apologise.

Stay at her parent’s/friend’s house overnight- And now everyone else knows what’s wrong with her but you.

Eating something smelly before you give her a kiss- If she’s stock piled tins of tuna- you’re in the bad books.

Changing her screensaver or wallpaper on her phone from a picture of you to someone else- She can’t even look at an image of you anymore never mind the actual you. Bad times…

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