Today is National Stop Bullying Day, so we take a look at the warning signs that your significant other might be bullying you.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

High Expectations- You try the hardest you can to do anything and everything to please them but it never meets their expectations. They always want more and highlight the things you didn't do or could have done better. He/she wants to be your first priority and they have a list of demands that is impossible to satisfy.

You become a defeatist because you know that you've lost before you've even begun.

Verbal Abuse- They openly criticise you in front of others and when you're alone. They may also be sarcastic, threatening, humiliating, scream, yell, swear and focus on what they believe to be your flaws.

Your self-confidence hits rock bottom and you may even start to believe the untruths they are telling you.

Truth bending- They may deny what they said or did, making you doubt what was actually said and your own sanity.

You fall into a constant state of confusion and feel helpless to stop it.

Unpredictability- They may react to you differently on different days- there's no way to predict their behaviour.

Simply put- you can't do right for doing wrong.

Rejection- They may ignore you or be cold, leaving you craving affection. They will likely try to detach themselves from your family and friends and aim to do as little as possible with you.

You try to buy their affection or give in to them in the hope of something in return which rarely works. You will probably feel unappreciated and unloved.

Conflict- Your time with them is spent fighting. They love drama and blow everything out of proportion- however if you argue back, then you are made to feel like the bad guy.

You are always armed with a defence and perpetually wait for the next disagreement.

Blackmail- They threaten to leave you often or make your life difficult if you don't succumb to their desires.

You know you are being manipulated and controlled but you fear being alone so do as they wish anyway.

Withholding sex- Another form of blackmail- using sex as a bargaining tool. It's more than just sex- it's withholding everything that makes you a couple- physical, psychological and emotional intimacy.

You resort to doing pretty much anything to access that part of your partner again.

Isolation- They would rather not spend time with anyone in your close circle of people and expect the same in return. They speak negatively about friends and family, are unpleasant when they are in their company and encourage arguments with your loved ones.

You no longer see or rely on those closest to you for support and you feel lonely because they are no replacement for the people who've been in your life for a lot longer than your partner.

If you feel you are being bullied in your relationship, then access your local counsellor or coach who can help with relationship issues.

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