We’re a nation gripped by our mobile phones - and even more so by apps. It’s no surprise then that many of us are signed up to multiple dating apps in the hope of finding love, a date, or a spark of romance online. But what is the impact of this obsessive swiping? According to Once, the dating app for slow and serious dating, we’re becoming too busy and consumed with dating apps that we’re not focusing on the important things in life.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Once’s latest study, called the ‘Swipe Society’ looks at modern dating culture, and found that Brits spend on average a whopping 208 hours each year on dating apps! Here are the signs you’re one of those people over-committing to digital dating:

1. You're swiping when you're with your friends: Nearly a quarter of women (23%) interrupt their brunches and drinks with the girls to check in on their latest matches. This can leave your friends feeling second best and unimportant - they came to see you, not you on your phone.

2. It's distracting you at work: 42% of Brits are swiping on their commute, during work hours, and even on their way to, or during, a meeting! This is going to affect your career - is checking out those 20+ guys who “liked” you important right now? Be more efficient with your working day and copy the 28% of Brits who set aside time during their lunch break to check messages and matches.

3. It's interrupting your holiday: One in four of us don’t even ditch the digital dating when we’re relaxing on holiday, with 27% still checking in for a daily dose of swiping and matches. This holiday should be all about taking a break, so give your swiping hand a break to avoid RSI too!

4. You're second screening: We’re known for our multi-tasking skills, but a whopping 57% of women are swiping away while watching TV. Netflix catch up > cheesy chat up lines. Every time.

5. It's affecting your sleep: We all know that avoiding screen light and mobile phones an hour before bedtime is essential for a good night’s sleep, yet over half of us (52%) still swipe between the sheets.

6. Your phone is coming to the loo with you: 25% of us swipe on the loo. This may be a step too far - it’s not particularly hygienic and that toilet time doesn’t exactly scream romance or time to swoon over a six pack!

Jean Meyer, the CEO of Once says: “The highly-invasive swiping culture makes us extremely picky and impossibly hard to impress. We’re spending too much time on dating apps, and not enough of that time is spent carefully considering a potential match’s profile. Ten seconds is simply not enough time to make an important judgment on someone who might become the love of your life and your potential partner.”

“Brits need to rethink their approach to dating – if you want to meet someone online, it needs to be much more considered and slower. At Once we deliver one match a day to our users, and if they don’t like that person, fine! Come back tomorrow and spend just a little time looking at our next suggestion. It shouldn’t become this time consuming.”

To try slow dating today, download the Once app for free on Android and iOS - it doesn’t involve any swiping and the apps picks the matches for you!

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