Desperate to settle down? Pause a second to check he is 'the one'.

Your friends have settled, your parents are questioning if they will ever get grandchildren, and even you are startingto panic that you can't find Mr Right. Out come the dating apps, online websites and 'blind dates' and hooray you finally meet someone. However, are you now guilty of the Cardinal Sin of dating… settling for Mr. Almost Right?

Yes, we admit that sometimes it's just easier to date a guy who almost ticks the boxes. The problem is, the longer you settle for him, the harder it'll be to meet the real man of your dreams! That's why award winning retailer has come to our rescue with these 13 tell-tale signs that you're just not that into him. If the alarm bells are ringing as you read this, then you'll know it's time to take radical action...before you make way for the real wedding bells.

1. THE DODGEMS You dodge arrangements with lame excuses, like 'I have really bad hay fever' or 'I need to work late' or worse yet, the classic 'I need to wash my hair'.

2. AVOIDING THE FRIENDS You've been dating for 3 months but you still haven't introduced him to your friends and you'd rather Facetime your BFFE than meet his.

3. THE 'I'LL SHOW YOU LATER' EXCUSE You're embarrassed to show your friends his social media photo. You know, when you just can't find one where he looks cute or wears something normal? Hasn't he ever heard of filters??!

4. YOU DON'T MISS HIM You don't miss him or even think of him two minutes after you've said 'goodbye'.

5. THE FLAME HAS DIED You no longer get the urge to get 'down and dirty' with him… the spark hasn't just gone, but you'd actually rather spend a day cleaning out your kitchen cupboards than have sex with him.

6. DISS THE KISS You quickly strike a conversation with someone else when he goes in for a kiss.

7. NETFLIX COMES FIRST You screen-read his messages and avoid replying until you have finished a whole series on Netflix.

8. LOOKING FOR A BETTER OPTION Your eyes are on everyone BUT him when you go out for a romantic dinner.

9. COMFORT-ZONED You've stopped making an effort and totally think joggers, unwashed hair and no make-up is acceptable for date night.

10. RE-GIFTING You re-gift the flowers he sent you to your mum when you go over to your parents for dinner.

11. WHAT ANNIVERSARY? You have no idea when your 'first date' anniversary was, nor do you care.

12. BACK IN THE ONLINE GAME You've started secretly re-connecting on the dating apps. How fun to choose a new hot profile pic...

13. DATING SOMEONE NEW And FINALLY… another guy asked you out and you said yes!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Do any of these sound familiar?

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