Is this you?

Is this you?

In Britain, we work more hours than people in any other country in Europe. As this is the case, there is little time for socialising after work; just a quick session at the gym, home to watch trash TV with supper on our laps and collapse in bed. So what do we do? We form bonds, friendships and even loves with those we work with, because let’s face it we see no-one else between the office and home. (Other than our doorman and quite frankly- he’s too old). The question remains- does it actually last? And in the words of Ross from Friends- ‘is it just frowned upon’?


Careerbuilder found that actually, yes it does. 38% have dated someone that they work with and 31% married their co-worker.


The attraction is not surprising when two people work together; they have a common ground and similar drives- both of which are great to initiate conversation and sustain interests in one another’s day. Just don’t become one of those couples who only talks about work. Your friends will become bored of you, your family will cease to invite you around and most people will get that glazed expression in your company. Seriously, you have been there all day, so take some time at least to acknowledge the world outside the four walls of the office!


Not surprising many want to keep their office relationships under wraps, 37%, so gossip doesn’t fly and rumours are kept at a minimum. After all who wants to date the entire office? No-one!


But where do these romances mostly take place you ask? The hospitality industry is teeming with in house romances, 'would you like to take a ride on my rollercoaster??'.


This is closely followed by financial services; crunching those numbers all day can make someone pretty tense and what better way to relieve that stress than a quickie in the broom cupboard?!


Transport and utilities are not far behind, which is in no way shocking given that coitus in a vehicle is on most people’s sex bucket list.


There is something warm and tingly about sleeping with someone who you know will look after you when you’re sick. So dating someone in the health care profession ensures that they will love you even when your bed bound and sickly. They see it every day…..


To help you out if you are dating someone under the same working roof here are some tips to think about before you drop your pant-suit…..


Find out if your company has a policy about dating co-workers and be ready to know what you are and not allowed to do. Look at your contract- *wink, wink*

Talk between you about the possibility of moving location or department- if it is frowned upon to work together then you need to put something in place to show that you are serious about one another but also the firm you are working for. Wow, that was heavy- let's move on.....

Don’t be the person who goes around bragging about sleeping with the boss or giving your co-workers all the juicy details about your romance- tell HR first and then the rest of the world. What starts out as an innocent kiss can result in a full blown orgy once office whispers have got hold of the info!  

Try not to play footsie under the desk, dry hump on the conference table or grab their ass at work. Public displays of affection, while might be quite nice for you but are uncomfortable for everyone else involved. (Unless of course they like that sort of thing……)

If you find that you need to work together; avoid pet names, innuendos and sexy body language, you are not in the middle of a porn film. You have not come to ‘survey his goods’ or bend over seductively to 'pick up his papers' that you have just scattered over the floor', (oooopsies!)- you are at work.  

You may be getting some, tired from all the new relationship sex and high on the honeymoon phase, but keep it all inside until you are out of the door. Be the same as you always were- at least on the outside and during the hours of 9-5, what you do after that is totally against every office policy known to man! ;) 

Original tips from Expectations! Recruitment Services 

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