It's nearly Halloween and I'm interested to see what type of movie relationship exists between the two leads in a scary film. When you watch enough horror movies, like me, you begin to see a pattern in the different styles of relationship that exist in this genre of film. So let's take a look.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

The Comedy Act Relationship - Gayle Weathers and Dewey (Scream)

She is the ball busting reporter and he is the goofy detective- on their own- not a hope in hell's chance of getting to the bottom of the killings, but together make quite a good team for comedic effect. Keeping the mood light is just what you need when you are being hacked to bits.

The Relationship with History- Ed and Lorraine Warren (The Conjuring)

Working together can be tough but these two take it to another level. There's nothing more admirable than a couple who have been through a lot and stood the test of time- but as obstacles go- fighting off a demon in a séance is quite the feat. But alas, they still got through and went back and did it all again.

The Feisty Relationship- Mikka and Katie (Paranormal Activity)

If you ask for him not to do something and he still does it- it's annoying right? But when the request is not to buy a Ouija board to contact the dark spirit in your house- you are beyond cheesed off when you find out he's actually left one in your living room when you go out on date night. But we all know she gets her own back for that little escapade.

The Sceptical Relationship- Josh and Renai (Insidious)

If you see big men dressed in black wandering about the house, people whispering down your baby monitor and strange handprints on the bed sheets, you would hope that your fella might have the slightest bit of sympathy for you. But no! The sceptic thinks that it's down to the new house, or your hormones or the fact that you used to have depression, blah, blah, blah- actually no- your son is in the 'further' don't you know.

The Secretive Relationship- Ellison and Tracy (Sinister)

If you want to write a book about real life crime- fine- great in fact- but don't s**t where you eat. Don't buy a house where the family in your story were killed. Keeping secrets from your partner always surface and usually at the worst possible time- like when your son is suddenly having nightmares or there's that weird woman staring at you thorough the window from the bushes- that sort of thing.

The Teen Relationship- Sidney and Billey (Scream)

You might be quite glad if all he wanted was to have sex with you because you were both ready to take your relationship to the next level. But when you find out that, actually, he wants to take your virginity so he can KILL you… come again?! When your 'big night' begins to involve knives, blood and murder, popping your cherry is suddenly not all that romantic.

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