If you’re partial to a bit of snacking throughout the day and it’s turned into something you do in the privacy of your own company- you might recognise some of the following scenarios. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You stash goodies throughout the house- You have food in the usual places like the kitchen, but you also have food tucked away in your bedside cabinet for if the munchies strike while you’re watching TV in bed. Or under the couch for when your partner's out and you're in charge of the remote... and the nibbles. 

You keep it a secret from your partner- You don’t want your partner to see you stuffing your face with sugar, carbs and salt so you try to do it when they can’t see you. Plus if they’re present- you might have to share and you don’t share food.

You sometimes lie to your lover- You’ve been known to tell white lies about what you’ve eaten in a day- you declare your meals just minus the secret snacks you managed to slip in between while your partner wasn’t looking or there.

You love it when your partner’s in the mood to snack- Because you don’t have to keep your bingeing a secret during this time- you can snack in sync. What you fail to mention are the extras you eat after your joint munch.

You’re an expert ‘danger snacker’- You can stuff something in your mouth and swallow it before your partner enters the room. All because you heard them making their way towards you from another level in your home and decided to set yourself a challenge.

When you buy a joint snack- You also buy extras and hide them  from your SO. They’re for later so they don’t need to know about them.

You have told fibs about what’s in the house once or twice- When your partner exclaims ‘I fancy something sweet’ you automatically reply with 'we don’t have anything sweet in the house'- but that you really mean is 'you’re not getting your mitts on my chocolate bar that’s hidden under the bed'.

You insist on doing stuff in the kitchen- Like loading and emptying the dishwasher or wiping down the surfaces- all because you can snack while you work.

You always have emergency snacks- If you're out and about- you always make sure you have your purse, your phone, your keys and something edible for when temptation takes hold.

Christmas, Birthdays and Easter- Are your favourite time because people buy you indulgent snacks so get to replenish your stocks at no extra cost.  Winner! 

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