There are some unforgiveable acts in a relationship such as cheating and watching the next episode of a boxset without you. There are others that are far from likeable but should be forgiven if they are small by comparison. Here are ten of those things.

When they don't take the initiative to make you a brew

When they don't take the initiative to make you a brew

When they break wind- Whether it's voluntary or involuntary- sometimes it's better out than in and you know that the roles will be reversed one day. When you let one out and it takes you by surprise, you want them to treat you with the same leniency.

When they throw up where they shouldn't- Everyone wants to deposit in the toilet- but sometimes- it decides to come out in the most inconvenient of places- the car, all yourself or even in the bath. It's not break up worthy because you know you'll be in their shoes one day and you'll want them to love you even with vomit in your hair.

When they poop and don't flush- You may not want to know how your partner's bowel movements are going but on the odd occasion- they are right there in all their glory. Flush and move on- sometimes when you're in a rush, flushing is overlooked so be mindful that your partner might have a lot on their mind right now.

When they say something they don't really mean- When something sounds ok in their head- it can have the opposite effect on you. If they don't make a habit of offending you, it's likely that they spoke before they engaged their brain and don't mean it the way it came out.

When they choose their friends over you- It's all relative- if they have spent the last few weekends with you and decide to spend an evening with their mates instead of you- it doesn't mean they don't love you. Everyone needs some time with their buddies- plus it gives you come 'me time' or time to spend with your girls.

When they're in a mood for no reason- It can be embarrassing if your family and friends are present while they are in the midst of a stinker of a mood but we all get them and not always at the most ideal of times. Let them ride it out and be mindful that they will have to tolerate you when you're feeling equally as down in the dumps.

When they don't take the initiative to do something- If you come home to a sea of washing up and they're sitting on the couch watching TV- take a step back. It's tempting to ask them why they've not started to clean up- but they may have had a spectacularly bad day- in which case they need your listening ear not an ear full.

When they tell you they don't like hanging out with your friends- As long as you do, that's all that matters- plus you might feel the same about his mates. Use it as an excuse to have some time apart with people you click with rather than forcing them to fake a smile among people they don't.

When they criticise your family- (As long as they don't make a habit out of it). A negative comment might feel like a stab in the heart when it's not coming from you (because you're allowed) but we're all flawed. Something you see through rose tinted glasses because it's one of your own- your partner might not- they are entitled to their opinion, especially if you share your niggles about their family too.

When they tell you a white lie- White lies are sometimes necessary. When they tell you they were working late and they were actually buying you a birthday or Christmas present or when they rave about the meal you made when it tasted awful- little lies can prevent hurt and protect surprises so look at the bigger picture.

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