The harsh reality is- when you fall in love, you can’t live exactly as you did when you were single. You have to let go of things for the sake of another person and- it sucks. Here are just a few things you have to give up when you welcome someone (begrudgingly) into your world. 

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Food all to yourself- If you’re like Joey from Friends and refuse to offer anything off your plate- know this- your lover will steal your chips even if you glare at them hatefully from across the table.

You can’t take over the whole bed anymore- If you’re used to a king size all the yourself- you have to move over and let your partner have some room. Being on top is fine during sex but not sleep.

You can’t just watch a show when you feel like it- If it's a show you both like-you have to schedule time in together to binge watch. If you watch it behind their back, it’s as bad as cheating- so don’t even think about it or it's a sure fire way to argumentville.

The downstairs TV- There will be times when you will have to venture off upstairs while your partner watches something they want or play on a game console. Letting go of the remote is probably the hardest sacrifice to make, which is why you have a TV in your bedroom too- admittedly it's way smaller- but you’re not a complete mug. 

You can’t think of you all the time- You have to think of your lover and the ‘us’ that being in a couple represents. It’s not all about you and what you want anymore- it’s about compromise (damn it).

Harmless flirtation- You used to love a good giggle, hair toss and fake laugh with the hot guys- but alas- now you can’t. As soon as you get into a relationship, you will forget how to flirt with other people even if you feel the urge.

Saucy texts- When you used to see your partner’s name pop up on your phone- your bits would tingle at the endless possibilities- a sext, a message about how good last night was, a promise of what he would do to you later, a picture of his man parts. But now, all you will get is the joint account statement and what he fancies for tea.

You can’t just leave the house- You have to tell your partner where you’re going if it’s without them- you know- in case you’re (a)- going to have sex with another man, (b)- have fun without them or (c)- have time to pick some food up on the way home.

Disposable income- Any money you used to spend on booze, clothes, meals out and generally having fun will be ploughed into your joint account to pay all the bills you have accumulated. You might as well set fire to your pay cheque every month because it brings you no joy or freedom to receive your salary.

Your sex life- Because you can have it at any time you want- you leave it for another day. Then a day turns into a week and before you know it you have to book it in to make sure you reach your monthly quota. It’s like if you buy a giant multi-pack box of crisps- they’re not as exciting once they’ve been in the house for a few weeks. You want a snack that doesn’t involve the effort of opening a bag and reaching up to the top shelf of the cupboard. 

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