News broke yesterday of a new way to end a relationship. Pay somebody to do it for you.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Jonathan Kiekbusch, from Brighton, is a young businessman who offers his service, through website fivesquid, where he charges unhappy partners a fiver for him to do their dirty work and ends their relationship. A face-to-face meeting will cost you £20 but a simple you're dumped type message either via email or text, costs just five pounds.

Business seems to be doing well with Jonathan saying he's ending 5 or 6 relationships a week. Is this the new trend of how to get rid of your sqeeze in 2012?

We've all felt uncomfortable in the past breaking up with somebody who's unhealthy obsession for you has gone way beyond being cute and romantic. It's equally not as fun when you're genuinely unhappy and are longing to confide in somebody about your misery.

In the past, we've seen various high profile celeb couples split. We've cheered when Cheryl finally got rid of Ashley, we've cried into our pillow after Brad divorced Jen, and we've all scoured the web in desperate search of the reason why Scarlett left Ryan Reynolds (looks like we'll never know). But more and more, celebs are doing the work for us and taking it upon themselves to split right in front of our eyes, and play out every single little detail.

2011 saw the year of ditching via social media. There seems to be nothing better than setting a good cryptic Facebook status about being unhappy or miserable in the hope your other half twigs they're on the way to dumpsville. Cruel? Maybe.

Even celebs began playing their break-ups out over Twitter. A few months before announcing her split from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore posted secret tweets about being empty and odd photographs of her looking miserable. The tabloids suspected all was not well but it took months for the split to be confirmed.

Then there was a highly publicised split between Rav Wilding and Chantelle Houghton last year. One minute, they were papped having a blazing row at a park in London, the next minute, Rav took to his Twitter page to officially end his 6 month relationship with the glamour model.

Committing a very serious break up offence, it was revealed that 2 weeks before announcing his split from Katy Perry, Russell Brand had posted a very strange video, on an adult site, of him taking off his wedding ring, huh? Anybody else confused?

The easy way out is via text. There's no chance of you being interrupted or anybody butting in and give their opinion which might change your mind. A good 20 minutes of typing and click send to finalise your decision.

There was the rumour in early 2011 that Bree Olson broke up with troubled Charlie Sheen via text message (which he probably deserved) and only a few months ago Jennifer Love Hewitt was reportedly dumped over text by actor boyfriend Jarod Einsohn.

A survey this week by phone website found that 9% of people have been told their relationship is over via a text message. That's nearly 1 in every 10 people being dumped this way by their cowardly partners.

Now if you're a celeb, you have extra ways of being able to let down your parter that us normal people don't have, say because you might have thousands of people tuning in to watch you give a television interview. See example A.David Arquette. The ex-husband of Courtney Cox went on an American television show and cried about not having had sex for so long he did it with somebody else. Slightly more information than he probably should have revealed.

Or example B.Katie Price. After doing a second stunt on reality tv show I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here, Katie announced to the nation in her live coming-out interview, and to devoted boyfriend Alex Reid, that she had decided she wanted to be single.

And then there was those played out over film. I have nothing but sympathy for Jennifer Aniston if she's ever had to sit through Mr and Mrs Smith. It was the film set where Brad reportedly fell in love with co-star, and now mother to his childen, Angelina Jolie. Nearly 2 hours of a relationship blossoming right in front of our eyes.

Compared to all these creative celebs, it seems traditional and boring to simply sit your other half down and explain face to face what's going wrong. Who knows what other scandals 2012 will bring, and what new technology or social media site will be invented that we can use to ruin our relationships, we'll have to wait and see!