What Are the Best and Worst Bits About Your Partner?

What Are the Best and Worst Bits About Your Partner?

It’s often thought that people’s odd quirks are what makes them so endearing, but any woman will tell you that her husband leaving his old underwear lying around the bedroom certainly isn’t endearing.

The thing is, relationships are all about give and take and even though you might tidy up after your boyfriend constantly, he’s willing to sit and wait hours for you to get ready.

eHarmony took a look at what it is that niggles the nation’s couples and what it is that they love about each other.

Funnily enough, it was men that loved their partner most for putting up with their moods – something that is usually common to women!

Having an affection partner is important to men who said they love that their partner is always affectionate with them, whether it be in public or in private.

Another quality that men love about their partners is that they take an interest in their day.

Although they were very complimentary about us, there are a few things that we do which annoy men endlessly.

The most common one being that they have to wait for too long for us to get ready – oops!

They also don’t like that we are fond of backseat drivers and that we worry far too much about money.

When it comes to what we find irritating about men, it’s mostly that they can never find anything and this is probably because they’re too messy!

Although we’re often too busy to watch the TV it does annoy us that when eventually try to, men like to take control over the remote and control what we watch.

Despite this, there are some characteristics that we love about them, number one being that they can make us laugh.

We also like that, generally, they’ll be happy to do the household chores and will also listen to us ranting, which is great because, as women, we like a good rant!

Relationship advice expert for eHarmony, Jenni Trent Hughes, says, “It is really interesting to see the difference between genders when it comes to the things they love and what annoys them about their partner.

“The little niggles tend to come out further into the relationship, however it’s when a couple is truly compatibly that they find a balance between the good and the bad habits.

“It is really important to communicate with one another when a niggle becomes more testing, to try and find a common ground and agree, this will help eliminate future arguments over the little things and leave more time for the things they love about one another .” 

What do you love about your partner, and what drives you crazy? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @FemaleFirst_UK

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