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Dream big!

Dream big!

As we enter a new year many of us contemplate what our plans are for the next year and this includes evaluating our relationships as we ascertain whether we are truly happy! London Law firm, Brookman Solicitors, conducted a survey of over 1000 married individuals to reveal how today’s relationships are operating, especially in our digital age. The survey included 10 questions on a variety of topics including honesty, loyalty, use of technology, relationship aspirations and tensions. Brookman Solicitors’ survey gave an interesting insight into modern relationships and here we reveal the 5 relationship resolutions that couples should stick to in 2018 to maintain a happy relationship!

Acknowledge Life Is Far From Perfect!

No relationship is perfect no matter how hard we try to achieve it! It is important to understand arguments will be part of any healthy relationship. How we manage these arguments will determine how long our relationships will last. 66% of individuals surveyed revealed they address any disagreements face on and speak about it which helps nip any tension in the bud.

Express Yourself

Are you always honest with your partner? 58% surveyed disclosed they would be honest with their partner if they did not like a gift they received from them over Christmas. Expressing your true feelings from the start can prevent any hurt further down the line when a partner finds out you have been lying to them. It also saves a lot of effort of pretending to like and use the gift, an unnecessary hassle when the option to be honest is available. Being honest can help develop a more meaningful and trusting relationship with your partner in the long term.

Think Positive

Thinking positive can alleviate any relationship issues quickly and maintains a calm environment for all. During our survey only one third of respondents said they experience family tensions over the festive period, with many putting this down to having an optimistic mindset. Being more understanding and taking a step back during periods of stress will both contribute to less tension in your relationship.

Put Technology Away

It is important to talk in a relationship, so make sure to put your phone away and pay attention to your partner or else they may look elsewhere if they feel unappreciated. Surprisingly, 40% of respondents revealed that their partner would not check their social media on Christmas Day, but yet many relationships break down due to social media. Make sure to put your technology away to not let your relationship fall victim to technology!

Dream Big and Prioritise Yourself

This year is the time to dream big and prioritise yourself - if you are unhappy in your relationship now may be the time to break it off. The future is bright so set your goals for this year and create a plan on how you will achieve them. 63% of those surveyed revealed that they planned to change or improve an aspect of their life in 2018. Whether you want to take up a new hobby, do more exercise, end a relationship, move house or change careers the world is your oyster!

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