They were always there at short notice- Booze and Friends reruns in the lounge- 5 mins?- never has there been a better text typed.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They got your sense of humour- You could communicate through a look alone and have them in fits of laughter.

You shared choreographed dance moves- There was at least one song you collectively put dance moves to. You now have to resist the urge to bust these moves when you are out with other people.

They were game for anything- You all got off with each other at least once. Every hole was a goal right? Above the waist anyways. You were roommates after all.

They were your wing woman/ man- If you were on the prowl; they were always up for getting you laid. Even if you had sweaty hair and fag breath.

They were there for you- If you were homesick, got screwed over by a heartbreaker or if you just wanted to rant about a bad shift at work. They were like your very own highly unqualified and very drunk late teen counsellors.

They weren't bothered about sexuality- If you were gay, lesbian, bisexual, unsure or just not picky, they didn't care- they accepted whoever you wanted to date, screw or hang out with in the hope of shagging.

You had an unspoken pact not to hit on one another- You were friends and that was all- anything more would have affected the whole group- it totally wasn't worth it.

They stopped you getting into trouble- Like sleeping with a no good guy when you were a first year virgin or choking on your own vomit- stuff like that.

They taught you the joys of gaming- Ring of Fire was the night you first learned how to projectile vomit as an adult.

They taught you how to cook- Take out or something frozen- it was only in your late twenties that you discovered you could buy fresh food and ingredients to make things with.

They will always be associated with your fondest memories- You shared some of the best years of your life with these people and will be telling tales of them for the rest of your days.

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