It's cheap- For those couples who have to work to a food budget- this is ideal- it's reasonably priced and you can usually buy it in bulk making it even more joint account friendly.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It lasts- This is a cupboard staple that won't go off any time soon- unlike fresh things you might buy and forget about, which will only waste your precious hard earned cash.

It's versatile- You can make a carbonara, mix it with some pesto or whip up a spaghetti bolognese so neither of you will get bored at meal times.

You can make it in bulk- If neither of really likes to cook, you can make a generous helping and have it over a few days- saving you from having to slave over the stove every night of the week.

It keeps you fuller for longer- Pasta (particularly brown) is renowned for keeping you going for longer so instead of getting hunger pangs and reaching for desserts after your evening meal- you can reach for each other instead.

It's not difficult to make- If you both struggle in the kitchen- you don't have to worry about making anything with this ingredient because there is very little that can go wrong as long as you follow the instructions.

You can entertain at low cost- If you're working to a budget but still want a social life you can whip up a pasta based dish and it won't cost a fortune to have your friends and family over.

It's a healthier option- If you're looking to eat more healthfully as a couple this is a better choice than a pile of chips or something greasy from the oven so it's a step in the right direction.

You can eat it for your dinner or evening meal- If you're both sick of sandwiches at lunch time- why not whip up a batch of pasta for your lunch instead? It might stop you from going to the vending machine in the afternoon and wasting more of your joint disposable income.

It can cater for intolerances- If one or both of you has a food intolerance- you can buy pasta that is gluten, wheat and egg free, so you don't have to worry about your favourite dishes giving you digestive trouble which can be a bit of a buzz kill at bedtime.

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