Go Outdoors has seen a huge increase in sales of camping gear as couples opt for ‘staycations’ this summer.

According to the company, more and more young couples are opting for a camping break to enjoy some holiday romance. We have eleven reasons to agree with this notion, what do you think?

It's a chance to unplug

It's a chance to unplug

Star Gazing- At home you would normally close your curtains before going to bed, so why not use your time away to put that habit aside and look at what you're missing? Romantic movies are full of couples staring up at the night sky so why not be one of them?

Cooking- You might resort to a ready meal in your normal eating routine, but in the outdoors you have to cook together and work as a team. You will have a greater appreciation for the things you cook and each other for putting in the effort.

Snuggling up- It can be cold when camping, which is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with one another to make sure you're both cosy. If you are used to a king size or super king size bed at home, forget all that, because you have no option in a double sleeping bag- spooning is a necessity.

Unplug- Often there is no signal on your phone, so there are no digital temptations like there are at home to distract you from one another. Turn your phone off, take time away from Facebook, Google, Twitter or whatever your vice is and just enjoy what each other has to say for once in a while.

Sex- Couples are always looking for new places to have sex- so why not in a tent? There is nothing sexier than trying to mask a desire to moan and groan because others might hear you.

Endorphins- With camping often comes exercise, in the form of a hike up a mountain side, a walk by a river or lake or a cycle along a deserted railway line. With all those endorphins whizzing around your bodies you are both going to be in a great mood, which can only make your stay even more enjoyable.

Talking- Couples with the strongest relationships talk to one another often. In an ordinary week, it can be tempting to put all your feelings and news behind you and not speak of it because you're tired. Use this time to talk to each other and get whatever is bothering you off your chest, whether it's about work, family or your relationship. You will be in a better mood to handle it when you're calm and away from it all.

Common ground- Camping is as much as a break as it is a hobby, and every couple needs things they enjoy doing together as well as apart. Camping is a hobby that increases your bond, mainly because it starts off with building something together and with that comes patience, motivation and negotiation- all important factors in relationship success.

Activities- It encourages you to do things you might not have the time for normally. Like board games, reading, writing or puzzles. It helps you to create memories and generate things to talk about- all in the absence of anything electrical!

Inner child- It brings out the silly, adventurous and younger side of you both because it is often a reminder of holidays you used to spend with parents. You each have ideas that you can bring to the table to incorporate each other's family camping traditions. This lets you take some time out from being adults and embrace the fun.

Simple things- Going back to basics makes you more grateful for things you have back at home but it also makes you sit up and take notice of the things around you. It retrains your brain to be thankful for less and lessen your sense of obligation.

Chris Matthews, CEO of GO Outdoors said; Getting back to basics with the person you love has never been so popular. What could be more romantic than eating in the glow of a wood fire, staring at the stars together or cosying up under canvas?"

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