When it comes to relationships, we could all do with some pointers on how to keep one another happy! If you're still dating however, and looking for 'the one', here are some reasons why a bingo player might be the perfect person to have in your life!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

7. They're speedy and always be on time

When it comes to sitting in a bingo hall, or playing online, you have to be quick and mark off your numbers as and when they're called out. This can be a hard thing to master, but once you've played for some time, you're as quick as a bullet from a loaded gun! 

6. They've got a good sense of humour

Some of the bingo callouts we've heard have made us chuckle, so those who play bingo whenever they get the chance must have a pretty good sense of humour. Man Alive, Garden Gate and Kelly's Eye are just a trio of examples that have raised more than a few brows throughout the years.

5. They're good with numbers

One of the biggest downfalls of any relationship is money, so knowing that someone who's constantly playing around with numbers could be your significant other would be a major plus! We're not saying they'll be accountant-levels of smart, but it's a good start!

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4. They're always sociable

Whether it's online and you're chatting to people in the chat room, or you're out in the real-life bingo hall, bingo players can be regarded as some of the most sociable. You've got to be a confident person to shout you've got a line, two lines, or a Full House, so you'll never be short of conversation or things to do!

3. They're looking for a good time

Yes, all bingo players want to win, but one of the biggest reasons they're getting involved in the game is to have some fun! This is something that'll likely trickle into all other aspects of their life, ensuring you'll always be having a good time!

2. They don't mind taking risks

If you're looking for a sense of adventure, and somebody who doesn't want to always stick to the rules and follow the guidebook, then you couldn't do much better than a bingo player. Whilst they stick to the directions of the game, they're not against taking a risk and enjoying themselves whenever possible!

1. They're intensely loyal

Whether it be loyalty to the game, or to their partner, bingo players often have a brilliant moral compass and judgement. This means that if you get in a significant relationship with somebody who plays bingo, you're going to be able to trust them explicitly!

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