Many women are comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their 'larger lady' figure- a new wave of these confident women are coming to the forefront and taking responsibility for their eating habits and exercise levels, rather than being in denial about why they have a high BMI.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

With a rise in the plus size clothing market, it’s arguable that obesity is becoming less taboo. That said, this might be very different in a relationship. Some relationships might not have the resilience to be so understanding and look at the bigger picture, whereas others might thrive off the honesty.

Weight loss expert Steve Miller believes that you need to speak up if your partner is fat and tell them how it is rather than tiptoeing around the issue.

He says that fat shaming is not bullying and that we are a nation who is far too concerned with political correctness.  

He personally uses this approach with his 2,000 clients- and with an average weight loss of 28lbs per person- this idea has collectively helped people to lose 56,000 lbs. of fat.   

He tells his clients the reality and then works with them on an 80-20 regime which includes self-hypnosis.

Steve said: “Whenever anyone discusses fat shaming, they automatically say it’s mean but this isn’t the case. In actual fact, fat shaming and telling people they’re overweight is a huge motivator. 

“It’s about being constructive, you wouldn’t want a partner to die early from health complications so if you can do something to help them, then you should. 

“I’m tired of being labelled as nasty, I admit that I do tell people they’re fat but that is not bullying. I have worked with over 2,000 clients who have thanked me for being so direct with them because it gave them the motivation they needed.

“I myself used to be fat and if it wasn’t for me looking in the mirror one day and telling myself I looked awful, I would never have been motivated enough to lose weight or get to where I am today.

“As a nation we need to stop being so frightened of it, if we felt someone close to us was drinking or smoking too much then we’d tell them. It’s the same with weight; obesity can lead to serious illness so we shouldn’t be scared to save our loved ones.”

“I want to teach people how to use constructive fat shaming so they have guidance and support if they want to approach overweight loved ones.”

Inspired by Steve's comments, we take a look at the reasons you need to take a deep breath and just come out with it. 

Top 5 reasons to tell your partner that they are fat

Death- Being overweight can result in an early death due to progressive health issues associated with the condition, so if you want to be with your partner as long as possible, then it’s important that you tell them now to be able to grow old together.

Health problems- Excess weight puts people at risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, strokes, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease- to name a few. If you want to be a happy and healthy couple and be able to do things together until a ripe old age- then honesty is the best policy.

Happiness- When you are in a relationship if your partner is unhappy it filters through to you too. If you know that a weight issue is the main contributor to your partner's unhappiness- then they will thank you if you help them to lose weight and get their spark back.

Pregnancy issues- Being overweight can affect your ability to conceive. A pregnant woman might develop gestational diabetes or high blood sugar; generate preeclampsia- or high blood pressure, which impacts on both the baby and the mother if left untreated. The mum to be might also require a c-section which results in a longer recovery period post childbirth.

Honesty- You might be 100% truthful with your partner over every other thing in your relationship from money, to addressing problems within your partnership- so why should weight be any different? If your partner is overweight, they know it, you know it and lying to them is insulting their intelligence. Being upfront and honest with your partner should extend to all areas of your life, or trust issues might arise if lies start to creep in, such as 'no, you're not overweight dear, you're perfect the way you are'.