We reflect on the importance of taking some time out with your partner in a coffee house to share some drinks and conversation.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

You have to sit opposite one another- At home your natural position might be to sit next to one another on the couch. When you are forced to sit opposite each other, you are less likely to play on your phones and really look at each other. You will notice changes in your partner's face and have a greater sense of their mood. Your overall body language is more conducive for talking and being attentive.

You can indulge- If you don't often buy posh coffee, cakes, pastries or fancy sandwiches, it feels wonderful to have something that a little bit naughty every once in a while.

It's a welcome surprise- Couples shouldn't have to spend a fortune to impress each other. At the end of a gruelling 8 hours at work, the words 'I'm taking you out for a coffee' can be the best thing you've heard all day.

Tasks are put on the back boiler- At home you can be distracted by making your evening meal, putting in some washing or tidying the house. In a coffee shop- all those jobs have to wait. All you have is each other and whatever you want to bring to the table.

It gives you chance to talk- You can discuss work, family, friends or your relationship- anything you feel you need to get off your chest with no interruptions.

It's neutral territory- In the house, your mood can be affected by what's going on around you- jobs you feel you should be doing, mess, overdue decorating- in a coffee shop all you have to worry about is the conversation and your order.

It doesn't cost the earth- Having a meal out can take a large chunk out of your monthly budget. A couple of drinks are really cheap by comparison. For one meal- you might be able to go out for a drink four times a month, which is much better for your relationship because it gives you more opportunities to have a heart to heart.

It feels like a treat- Some months are tight financially and when you can't afford a big gesture like a weekend away or a meal out- you can spoil each other with a frappe, a pastry and some chatter.

It gives you a boost- Whatever your treat drink is- it will give you a surge of energy- whether that's from the caffeine or the sugar. If you're flagging at the end of a long working day it will perk you up for the time that matters most- time with your loved one and perhaps for bedtime activities later!

It gives you a chance to leave the house- If you are struggling for something to do, it can give you some exercise and a reason to leave your home if you are bored on a weeknight or weekend. It will make you feel like you have achieved something with the day because you have given your relationship some well needed nourishment.

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