Today is National Play Monopoly Day so if you’ve not played a board game with your lover for a while- now’s the time to get one out, dust it off and let the competition commence.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It gives you time away from digital devices- If your night usually consists of watching TV, looking at your phone and scrolling through your I pad, this will give you something to do that doesn't involve any of those things. A well needed screen time purge.

It's different- You might have got into the rut of watching TV, going to the cinema or out for a meal and have run out of ideas for date nights. This will give you some variety to your time together.

It's fun- Board games bring out the inner child in you so you can enjoy being a little bit silly for a while and leave all the grown up stuff for later.

It's nostalgic- Board games make you think of being young, holidays and Christmastime- it's the perfect opportunity to swap your most memorable stories from when they were your go to toy.

There's plenty of choice- You are bound to find one that you both want to play because there are so many and if you get tired of one you can always move onto another.

It gives you a new hobby- If you struggle to find things to do as a couple then this could be your new way to spend time together. You might find that you build up your collection pretty fast.

It makes you competitive- As a couple you try to avoid working against each other for personal gain- unlike a board game where it's every man for himself. It's the one time in your relationship you can compete and it not pose any harm.

It takes commitment- You have to set it up, read the rules and then play the game which might stretch out over a few nights. Like your relationship, it requires time and patience, which are valuable traits to put into practice as often as you can.

You can make it sexy- There are many games on the market that claim to improve your sex life or if you're strapped for cash you can adapt an existing game by adding in your own rules.

It feigns boredom- If you're one of those couples who needs to be entertained all the time- this will keep boredom at bay. The next time you don't want to leave the house or can't think of anything to do- pull out a board game and your day is sorted.

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