It's Pancake Tuesday- What better day to fluff your flour, get excited over eggs and sprinkle that sugar?

Why not?

Why not?

It gives you chance to binge- You can have a little or a lot, but if you want a lot- that's ok- stretch your tummies in time for Easter!

It gives you a break from your TV/phones/I pads and laptops- If you generally reach for the digital devices when you get home- it will take the temptation away. Even if all you make is a mess, at least you are spending quality time together and not behind a screen.

You will have fun- Cooking can be fun if you don't take it too seriously. If you are hopeless at cooking it might be wise to have some pre-made back up pancakes on hand. If you end up covered in flour and all sticky you can still stuff your faces and giggle at your culinary disaster.

It might become something more- You never know- you might become a dab hand at cooking pancakes and consequently make them your staple dessert. Or you might feel compelled to try some other desserts or main courses together.

You can enjoy them together- If you make something edible, you can sit down at the table and enjoy them while chatting about your day. If you're facing each other you are more likely to engage in conversation, so resist the temptation to flop down on the couch to polish off your pancakes.

Eggs are good for your sex life- Eggs contain a lot of protein which keeps you going without being too calorific. They also have lots of amino acids within them, which alleviate heart ailments as well as erectile dysfunction.

They're easy- If neither of you are confident in your cooking skills- they are not the most difficult things in the world to put together. If you really think you'll fail, you can always buy the premixed variety or even American pancakes- just as long as you use them as a tool to talk to your partner rather than guzzling them down in front of the TV.

They are cheap- You only need a few ingredients to create a giant pile of pancakes so it's a low cost date night for you both to get messy and eat lots, without it affecting your budget too badly.

It gives you something different to do- Many couples have got into a bit of a rut with their evenings- they get home, throw some food in the oven and sit down to a night of TV. This will give you something to look forward to and change up your routine so your life doesn't feel too predictable.

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