As today is the tradional day of the roast, we take a look at the importance of sitting down on a Sunday to tuck into a good roast with your loved one.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It makes you sit at the table- Many couples rely on TV dinners during the week or eat out meaning your dining room table doesn't get a whole lot of use. This gives you an excuse to sit down opposite one another, share some good food and take your time. Sitting at a table is reminiscent of date night meals out so it already feels special before you've taken your first bite.

It encourages conversation- If you sit beside each other on the couch there's no incentive to talk- but opposite one another at a table, there is no escape from talking about your day, making plans or discussing the food.

It feels romantic- If you light a candle, use your best crockery and lay out your nicest table cloth, it feels like you've ventured out for your evening meal all in the comfort of your own home. By making small changes to your dining room it brings the romance back into your relationship at least one night a week.

It's cheap- If you buy your ingredients in your weekly shop it works out far cheaper than if you were to go to your local pub for a carvery- plus you don't have to wrestle with all the other couples to get a seat.

It makes you cook together- A Sunday roast is a complicated thing to put together and needs two people to get everything just right. Cooking uses so many skills vital to any relationship- skills of negotiation, team work, patience and trust. Even if you don't do it every night- once a week is a good place to start.

It gives you your five a day- It's not often that you can get your five a day in one meal- with a Sunday roast- it's possible. If you're getting all the nutrition you need you won't be grabbing the junk food for dessert because your body is satisfied. If you're careful with your sauces and preparations, a Sunday roast can be made healthfully which might extend to your other meals too.

It improves your sex life- Many of the vegetables you eat as part of your Sunday roast can aid your intimate activities. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and help to fight high blood pressure, which is associated with higher rates of erectile dysfunction. They also have beta carotene which provides the body with vitamin A- this is helpful in couples with infertility issues.

The onions in your gravy and the apple in your sauce are rich in quercetin, an anti-oxidant called flavonoid which controls symptoms of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate which can make sex difficult) and promotes circulation.

It makes you evaluate your weekend- If you have spent it doing something worthwhile or simply rested- it gives you the opportunity to discuss what you have done with your time off, what you enjoyed the most and what you could do better.

It helps you to make a plan- You can both discuss what your working commitments are during the week, what you hope to do at the weekend and ensures you both know what's happening in the week to come.

It might benefit other areas of your relationship- If you enjoy cooking together once a week, you may do it more often. If you cook your meal healthily, you might do this for your other meals too. You may eat at the table more often or even decide to turn off the TV and have a conversation while facing each other on the couch.

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