Today is National Croissant Day so we take a look at why it's important to share this time in the morning with your loved one in the comfort of your own bed.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It makes mornings more bearable- No-one likes to get up for work- it sucks- but if you make an event of it by having something tasty in bed together it will encourage you look forward to it rather than dread the alarm going off.

It doesn't require a lot of time- Maybe half an hour in total by the time you've thrown some cereal in a bowl and boiled the kettle. If you are more productive in the mornings then it might be better to share this time. You may need to go to bed earlier but it could be better than trying to have a meaningful conversation before bed when you are both tired.

You can look after each other- If you make a hearty breakfast you know you are setting each other with good fuel for the day.

It stops mornings being a rush- If you are one of those couples who gets up with just enough time to do everything- it will give you an opportunity to wake up slowly rather than taking for granted that you still have time together.

It sets you up for the day- If you have a big day ahead- talking about it beforehand with your partner can make things clearer in your mind as to what you need to do when you get in and ease your concerns by sharing any problems you might have.

It's quality time together- If your only time as a couple is at the end of the day, this is another opportunity you can create to mull over ideas and worries and talk about your evening plans ahead of time.

You don't have to save it for the weekend- Why should such a treat be saved for Saturday and Sunday mornings only? Why not do it every day and get yourselves into a good habit rather than saving all the good stuff for only two days a week?

You can alternate it- You can do it every other day while your partner does the ones in between so neither of you feels resentful of the other for having to make the breakfast every morning.

It's nostalgic- Breakfast in bed reminds you of hotels, special occasions and romantic treats so hopefully it will put you in a good mood when you're the one being waited on.

Cereal is a good source of folic acid and iron- Fortified cereal contains these nutrients which are essential for loving couples. Iron increases your energy levels for a healthy sex life and drive. Folic acid is needed for the development of a healthy foetus if you are thinking about starting a family.

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