Today is the day- Today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day so if you're going to do this any time- the moment has been presented to you. Don't disobey the national calendar day!

Because they are delicious!

Because they are delicious!

You need a treat- If you're anything like other couples you have probably gone through your health kicks and diets together. Sometimes you just need to indulge in each other's company- so if you've been good- reward yourself. No one else has to know.

It gives you somewhere to go- Thinking of new places to go and new things to do can be a struggle- an ice cream farm could be the answer to your prayers.

It gives you something to look forward to- At least when you're at work you can look forward to all that cold, gooey ice cream and some time with your lover once the graft is over.

It gives you chance to talk- Sitting opposite one another in a booth is private and the perfect position to get you talking. What you choose to talk about is up to you but use your time wisely.

You can create something for each other- If you're not up for leaving the house- call in for the ingredients on your way back from work and make a sundae creation for each other. And you have to eat whatever your partner makes for you regardless of how many toppings it has on it.

You can take it to the bedroom- If you don't want to eat your sundae out of a bowl, then why not lick it off your partner instead? It makes the perfect pre-sex food to awaken areas of your partner's body with (just keep it above the waist!).

It gives you energy- All that sugar late in the day will give you a boost for any night time activities you might have in mind for when you get home.

Ice cream is an aphrodisiac- According to ice cream rates in the top five of aphrodisiacs. Why? Because it reminds us of celebrations- birthdays, Valentine's day and anniversaries. Anything that is associated with a good time is a turn on. Simple.

Vanilla is a relaxant- According to the smell of vanilla relaxes men and lowers their inhibitions, so he might be more open about his feelings or be willing to try something new in the bedroom.

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