Today is National Pizza Party Day- So there really is no excuse- if it's going to be any day- it has to be today!

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It can improve your sex life- According to, cheese contains magnesium, a mineral that helps your muscles contract or spasm during orgasm. If you eat a pizza with healthy toppings like mushrooms or broccoli they have vitamin A in them which regulates progesterone and turns on your sex drive. Cheese also increases blood circulation to a man's nether regions by around 5%!

Pizza's messy- If you're self-conscious about eating in front of your partner, it's time to let go of those inhibitions and get greasy together. There's nothing sexier than seeing your partner enjoy some hearty food so just go for it and stop caring so much.

It's an excuse to touch one another- A smudge of tomato sauce on your lip or a piece of cheese on his chin- it's a great way to encourage you and your partner to get touchy feely with your napkins.

You don't have to compromise- If you feel compelled to eat whatever your partner makes you and vice versa or you generally eat separate meals, it's a great way to please you both in one sitting. You can order half and half and each get what you want but eat at the same time and the same thing (well almost!)

It gives you chance to chat- If you go out for a meal you are forced to eat opposite one another which is encouraging for conversation. It's up to you want topics you cover but it's a great opportunity to let the conversation flow.

You can make your own- If you don't want to leave the warmth of your home, then why not make your own? You can do everything from scratch or just buy the base and take it from there. You can make one together or create one for each other- whatever takes your fancy!

It's a great accompaniment to a movie- If you're not in the chatty mood, it's a good food to eat while you're watching a film because you can dip in and out of the box throughout without feeling like you have to eat it all in one go.

It can cater for two meals- If you make or buy a large one, you can eat it for your dinners the next day and save on the cost of another meal- because what's better than cold pizza?!

It's the ideal meal for couples- If you work on a strict 50/50 basis on everything or hate sharing food, it's the perfect meal to eat together because you each get exactly half so there's no quibbling over food portions.

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