Today is National Chocolate Cake Day- So if you are going to make a cake on any day of the year- today would be the most appropriate.

It might be fun!

It might be fun!

You have to work as a team- It may not seem like much but some couples find cooking together really difficult because they haven't yet perfected team work. From buying the ingredients, to reading the recipe and getting to work you need to be able to work with one another rather than against.

Communication is key- It's important that you discuss things beforehand and during in order to get an edible finished product. If you go off and do your own thing you won't have anything to share at the end of the process.

It gets you away from screen time- If you find the recipe in one of your cook books, you don't have to consult your phone and being in the kitchen stops you from watching TV, going on your I pad, your laptop, your kindle- I could go on. Go back to basics and leave the digital stuff alone.

It's something different- Chances are you don't bake together often, so it gives you something new to do together. Work nights can become a bit of a blur, but if you mix it up, it makes life that little bit more interesting.

It gives you a chance to talk- Once you've read the recipe and you both know what you need to do, it gives you the opportunity to talk about your day without any distractions.

You may learn to love it- If your first attempt goes well; you may find that you start baking together once a week. It might turn into a hobby you both enjoy doing together and take more seriously- who knows until you try?

It's practice for birthdays- If you become a dab hand and throwing a cake together- when birthdays come around you don't have to buy one for each other- you can make one instead. Your partner will appreciate your hard work much more than if you just go out and buy one.

You get to enjoy your creation afterwards- You can eat what you make- and if it goes well, it will be delicious, so the more you take your time in the preparation stages- the better. Cut a piece, plate it up and enjoy it at your dining room table where you can talk about your experience of baking for the first time as a duo- what you can do differently next time and any ideas you might have.

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