A recent survey by Newby Teas has found that 1 in 10 Londoners would rather have a cup of tea than sex- we consider why women might opt for a brew over time with their partner.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Tea is hot- You can't always say the same for your partner. You love them more than the world itself, but 'hot' is not what you'd call them at home when they're burping, farting and scratching their balls in their sweatpants.

Tea doesn't answer back- If all you need is a bit of quiet time- tea is the perfect companion- whereas your lover has a knack of speaking just when you want them to hush up.

Tea is there whenever you want it- At home, on a train, in a restaurant, on the go- whenever the mood takes you can have a brew. But when it comes to being in the mood- it all depends if your partner feels the same rush in their pants as you do for it to work out.

Tea is simple- What could be less complicated than making a cup of tea? The same can't be said of your other half. The drama of their work, home and social life is anything but simple and you get dragged into it whether you like it or not.

Tea is good for you- Get a batch of green tea and the benefits are endless. Sometimes your significant other is anything but good for you. They encourage you to eat bad food, do naughty things and argue, bringing out the worst in you.

Tea gives you a break- If work is getting too much, you can venture out of the office and take some well needed time out. Sometimes your partner doesn't afford you the same luxury. They demand a lot of your time often forget to thank you for it.

Tea is the perfect accompaniment- To a scone with cream and jam, with a toasted tea cake or some triangular shaped sandwiches. On occasion, your partner is not your ideal company. If you have fallen out over something, you're no longer like peas and carrots- more like Marmite on toast because you both hate the stuff.

Tea gets you talking- If you're in the mood to talk- tea can do the trick- it's a bonder of work mates, family and friends. Sadly, your partner is not as talkative as tea might encourage others to be. They regularly give you the silent treatment when you know something's wrong but they just won't budge when you ask them to open up.

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