As it's the return of The Great British Bake Off tonight we take a look at why loved ones should get together in the kitchen to bake up a storm.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

It's fun- If neither of you take it too seriously, baking can be a lot of fun. As long as you're not too hard on each other, if you make a mistake and learn to laugh it off you can have just as good a time creating flops as you can do successes.

It creates memories- Rather than another day of watching TV which, let's face it, blend into one- you can take pictures and be able to say 'remember when we baked this?' or 'what a mess we made when we did that!' Such memories will far outweigh those on the sofa.

It's a hobby- All couples should have hobbies they do together and apart and if you don't have a joint hobby right now then this could be the one for you. Start with something simple like crispy cakes and see how you get on- you never know- you might be naturals- and if not there is always melted chocolate to eat afterwards!

It's cheap- Unlike tickets to the cinema or bowling, which can blow your whole date night monthly budget in one go- if you buy in bulk; baking can be a cheap thing to try while you find your feet.

It bonds you further- Coming together to create a finished product be it building a piece of furniture, decorating a room or baking a cake, brings you closer together because you have to use your patience, negotiating and listening skills.

You can enjoy the finished product- Even if it goes to pot, you can always find something to nibble on afterwards, or start again until you get it right.

You can feed others on your creations- Once you feel bold enough to share your creations, you can start to let your friends and family sample your efforts. They may even place orders which will only help you to gain confidence in the kitchen. 

It takes the pressure off- If you are making something for a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas party, the responsibility doesn't lie with one person. You can share the preparations, baking and decorating so it's less stressful all round.

It makes you plan ahead- You have to make a list of the things you need and decide what you are going to make next. Joint planning (regardless of how big or small) is a valuable skill for any couple and can be applied to others parts of your life together.

There is potential for more- If you get good with your baking, then you might find that you explore more with your evening meals or weekend breakfast ideas- the world is your oyster once you start baking with your loved one.

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