A recent study has found that couples are putting off having kids and getting a pet instead, we take a look at ten reasons why this might be:

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

They stay with you all the time- None of this bunking in with you till they are 18, then off to university- leaving you with empty nest syndrome- no- they are there till the bitter end.

They don't answer back- They may bark or grumble your way but you don't understand it even if they are giving you some sass.

They aren't moody- Although they may have their quiet moments, dogs rarely have their sad days unless they are sick- they are always happy to see you- a different kettle of fish to pubescent children.

Dogs keep you fit- Unlike teenagers who spend all day in bed, these force you to go outside and walk them, which benefits your thighs, bum and tum.

Your holidays cost less- If you want to take your pooch with you, the most appropriate holiday is camping or a dog friendly cottage- which will cost far less than a two week trip to Florida with the kids.

Your body stays the same- No saggy breasts, flabby belly or stretch marks- no sir- having a pet does not give you any bodily pain, unless you accidently trip over them or one of their toys.

You don't have to take time off work- You may need to alter your schedules to make sure the dog has a lunchtime pee stop, but that's it- no maternity leave, paternity leave, sick days or school runs. Your career is unaffected. 

It lets you test the water- It gives you the chance to be a family and look after a dependent; they say puppies can be worse than a new born baby, so if you can handle a baby dog you can handle anything!

They cost less- Stats have shown that parents spend about a million up until the point of a child leaving the family home. Pets need to be fed, watered, treated, cleaned and medicated, but they don't go through phases, fashions or peer pressure to make them want more than you give them.

It gets you in the right mind-set- If you only thought about each other before you got your pet, it forces you to consider another being and their needs, which can only be a good thing once a baby arrives.

Study by Blue Cross. 

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