Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day so we take a look at the things you can do with your partner today and for the rest of the week to make someone smile.

Feed an animal by donating food

Feed an animal by donating food

Take something edible into work- If you have some leftover sweets in your house from Christmas- share them out- you don't need to eat everything you got over the festive season now do you?

Buy a homeless person a sandwich- If you are out and about together and see a homeless person- pop into the nearest shop and buy them something to eat and drink.

Sort through your belongings- And take what you no longer want or need to the charity shop. If you both do it you will make and even larger donation.

Compliment someone to their boss- If you go out tonight- and you get good service make sure you report it to their manager.

If someone posts a new picture on Facebook- Tell them how lovely it is and how well they look.

Make a happy board at work- You know all those positive messages that you get on Facebook? Print them out and start spreading the love. If it works at work- make one in the office back at home too.

When someone is getting talked about negatively behind their back- Jump in with something positive.

Look through your phone book- And drop a text to someone you haven't spoken to in while and arrange to meet up together.

Drop some food off at the food bank- Get a few extra bits when you're out shopping and help those who need it most by cutting back on one of your joint indulgences.

Buy some extra pet food- And drop it off at the animal shelter- you would do it for your pets wouldn't you?

Donate to charity- Each choose a charity that is close to your heart, ring them up out of the blue and send them some money.

Become a volunteer- Help people/ animals out with your time and both do something different so you spread your help wider.