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Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

It is your first Christmas together. You arrive at your partner’s house to discover a blinding display of multi-coloured lights, a sparse fake tree and golden tinsel. All, of which, is most definitely inherited from their mum’s throw-a-way pile about ten years ago. Suddenly, a Christmas nightmare dawns on you …if you are going to have a future with this man, you might have to inherit these “decorations” as well. Do you really love him more than your rustic Christmas Pinterest board? Absolutely not.

Take this quiz to find out just how festive your partner is… or isn’t. Who knows, maybe you will turn out to be the Scrooge of the relationship.

QUESTION 1: When does your partner put up the decorations?

A) Early December

B) As soon as physically possible

C) Christmas Eve

QUESTION 2: What are their go-to Christmas songs?

A) Michael Bublé

B) All of the 80s classics

C) Turn the radio off now!!

QUESTION 3: Let’s talk Christmas trees… which one?

A) Big, bushy and fake

B) It must be a REAL tree

C) The smaller the better

QUESTION 4: What are they doing on Christmas Eve night?

A) Mulled wine and family Christmas movies

B) Preparing Christmas dinner and watching Love Actually

C) Nine pints down at the pub

QUESTION 5: How would you describe their home on Christmas Day?

A) Chaotic and colourful with a burning smell in the kitchen

B) Rustic and cosy with the prosecco flowing

C) It smells like hangovers and regret

QUESTION 6: It’s food time… describe their Christmas dinner

A) Dry turkey, store bought cranberry sauce, burnt potatoes… who cares at this point? Pass the wine.

B) The finest ingredients money can buy. Honestly, it’s perfection. YUM!

C) Curry sauce and chips. Don’t judge.

QUESTION 7: Do they even like Christmas?

A) Yes, they love to hang out with their family

B) They are basically an elf

C) Only Christmas Eve


Mostly A: Christmas is all about family for your partner. They don’t care about the latest décor trends or making it insta-worthy. It’s all about memories, old decorations and having fun. They are probably at their parents’ house on Christmas Day surrounded by food, booze and movies. Their decorations may be a little tacky, but who doesn’t love to be cosy and festive?

Mostly B: Your partner is obsessed with all things Christmas. So much so, they invest in their Christmas decorations and put them up in November to get their money’s worth! Think wooden reindeers, twinkly white lights, and the smell of a real Christmas tree. They enjoy crafting a beautiful dinner for the whole family and have probably hosted a few Christmas parties in their time.

Mostly C: They may as well be the Grinch. Your partner is a party animal and potentially the least festive person ever. Forget family movies and Christmas markets, this year you’re going to the pub and boozing it up. Prepare to be hungover while opening your presents!

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