Today is National Cheddar Fries Day so we thought we would remind ourselves what it’s like to date someone who is in love with chips (or fries- depending on where you are in the world).

Chips, chips everywhere

Chips, chips everywhere

They eat chips with everything- There is literally no other side for your partner- it’s beige all the way.

You have learned not to offer them veggies or squeeze any on their plate- Because they always get wasted, while the chips section is practically licked clean.

Their favourite meals are conveniently ones that typically go with chips- Burgers, fish, pizza, chicken- you name it- you can guarantee it’s followed by chips on any menu.

It makes your life easy- If it’s your turn to cook- you only have to worry about the accompaniment as the chips part is easy- all you have to do is sling a tray of them in the oven- job done.

They won’t entertain sweet potato fries- In fact they think they are an abomination and don’t understand why you like them so much.

Pretty much everywhere caters for their weakness- There are very few eateries that don’t serve chips so they are always happy whenever you eat out. But they do know where serves the best chips- they've had a lot of experience in taste testing. 

Your shopping list is predictable- Chips will feature on there every time you go for your supermarket shop. Your trolley looks like you’re hosting a party- but you’re not- it’s just your significant other’s weekly chip quota.

Your cupboards are filled with every imaginable sauce- To accompany said chips because they have to have a dip alongside or life is not worth living.

You know it’s a special occasion when you have home cooked chips- You usually have these when you’re celebrating something because they take so darn long to prepare and cook- but it’s well worth it.

They are a cheap date- A trip to the chip shop for a chippy tea is their idea of heaven so you don’t have to splurge a lot on date night to keep them happy. 

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