As today is National Hug A Newsperson Day, we thought we would focus on the news obsessed partners out there. The ones who would probably hug their favourite newsperson if they were given the chance. 

Does your partner live by the news?

Does your partner live by the news?

You're no longer greeted with a kiss and a 'hi'- But 'guess who's died?' or 'you'll never guess what's happened now?!'

They get visibly excited when they hear the theme tune- They actually like it- might even tap their foot to it- even though they hear it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

You come second to the 6 o'clock news- If you've had a bad day- it has to wait until they've caught up on all of the day's events. Often your problems fade into insignificance when you watch it too.

They have an alert on their phone when something breaks- You're all too familiar with that dinging noise that tells you something awful has happened around the globe. It's tense while they read the latest and digest it before they tell you. 

They scroll through news posts in bed- As you close your eyes all you see if the glow of your partner's phone highlighting their face as they scroll through their favourite app for any new nugget of news.

They try to engage you in conversation about politics and what's going on in the world- But you can't help but find it brings you down because it's always bad, so you make all the appropriate noises and wish it was over.

You're so happy when the weatherperson comes on- You are near the end. You can finally watch something that you genuinely have an interest in. Something that doesn't make you feel terrible about where you live or having an OK life.

They make fun of you if you are the last to know- You may have had a busy day at work and missed a big headline- at which point they look like a rabbit in headlights because you're not up to speed. But they secretly love being the one to tell you first. 

They have their favourite reporters- They like to watch the news at specific times because they know the newsperson that's on won't annoy them like the other one who's name you can never remember.

They talk to the TV- They are savvy to the fact that you don't want to talk to them about all of the dreadful things that are happening, so they try and respond to the newsperson like they were actually sitting in your living room. You've used to it but it's embarrassing when you have guests over.

They often go hands free- If they are showering, cooking, cleaning or doing some DIY, they play the audio of the news in the background. You've perfected the art of playing your favourite TV show in your head to drown it out.

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