We have always been told that opposites attract when it comes to matters of the heart, however recent research by Match has found that this isn't the case.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

The study found that Brits are more likely to be attracted to someone who is much like them with regards to body shape, eye colour and political viewpoints. It's official, Brits are drawn to someone who ticks most of the same boxes as they do.

Politics can be sticky subject when you first start dating, however when you go out with someone who shares the same outlooks and opinions as you do it can make conversations easier and give the relationship a better chance at success.

Singles who said they were conservative, were more likely to look for a potential partner who identified as the same, just as those who labelled themselves as liberal. It's no surprise that relationships suffered if the pair had two opposing viewpoints when it came to this subject matter.

Moving onto body shape, the pattern remained the same. Those who described themselves as 'carrying a few extra pounds' looked for others who said the same about their physique.

When it came to eye colour, people stuck with what they knew and sought out people who had the same colour as them.

And it didn't end there- 'early birds' paired off with other 'early birds', just as the 'night owls' did and those who had visible tattoos had a preference for people who also had some body art.

The only exceptions to the trend were to do with hair colour- singles didn't seek out a romance with people who had the same hair colour as them. Those who openly described themselves as gym bunnies didn't single out fellow gym goers either.

Kate Taylor, dating expert for match, comments: "Love has always been based on harmony and compatibility. While differences may spark interest initially, having too any differences of opinion can lead to imbalanced and unstable relationships eventually. This is why websites and apps are rapidly becoming the UK's favourite way to find dates: it's easy to find people who share your passions, right from choosing the perfect first date to finding someone with the same long-term goals as you."

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