Online dating has swept the nation and more and more people seem to be signing up as a way to meet new people and date. And now people as young as 18 are signing up to the sites looking for that special someone. But while online dating can be an innocent way to meet new people, there are many positives and negitives concerned around online dating. Have a look at these if you are still unsure whether to take the leap and sign up.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First


Lots of people use online dating websites which means there are lots of men to chose from.

Online dating saves time as everyone signed on to the site will be looking for the same thing. You can meet a lot of people in a short time.

Spending a lot of time talking to a person online can help you get to know a person better.

Online dating allows you to meet people you would probably have never met outside of online dating.

You do not have to disclose information that you don't want to and therefore it is relatively safe.


People are not always honest about themselves

Most online dating websites cost and you have to sign up for several months at a time

You do not always know who you are talking to

The relationship may not escalate outside from the internet and many people are wary about meeting up and may refuse.

Online dating is not always safe so it is important when meeting a person from the internet up for the first time, to arrange to meet in a busy public environment.

By Claire Lancaster

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