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Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

Relationship issues are more complicated than just your own struggles because they involve two people. Untangling all the messy bits demands your attention, and if it has reached the point where you consider relationship counselling, there are ten compelling reasons for why online counselling could be best for you.

1 - You're not sure if you even want professional help.

Let's face it - counselling is hard work, so it probably takes a lot for you to decide counselling is the right route. It feels easier to dip your toes into it online, meaning you're more likely to get started.

2 - It's easier to agree on couples counselling when it's easier to do.

If you're seeing a counsellor together, and you're the person convincing your partner to go in the first place, you will have an easier time agreeing to give it a try if you can sit at home and do it.

3 - Evidence shows online counselling is as effective as face-to-face.

If you're doubting whether it works at all, there's evidence to show online counselling works just as well - sometimes better - than in-person counselling.

4 - Counselling online is cheaper than face-to-face.

If you're going together (couples counselling), agreeing on a counselling budget is tricky if you're not equally keen on the idea. But online sessions are on average cheaper than face-to-face.

5 - People tend to be more honest and open online than face-to-face.

Whether you're having counselling alone or with your partner, you are less inhibited online and usually open up quicker (called "online disinhibition effect").

6 - If you're too tired to travel, sessions online or on your phone can be your saviour.

Work, quarrels, everyday life - it all gets to you. When things are most exhausting, you only need to open your laptop to meet your therapist.

7 - It's easier to pick a therapist you feel comfortable with.

The counsellor-client relationship has to be good for counselling to work. On a website like PlusGuidance, you can browse and choose a counsellor you feel comfortable with, and you can easily switch if you don't like the fit.

8 - You can do counselling spontaneously online.

It's easy to decide on a whim "I need counselling!" and lose courage the next day before you phone a therapist to arrange a consultation. Online, you can start straight away - before you talk yourself out of it.

9 - If you're daunted by face-to-face sessions, you have other options online.

Counselling these days are no longer just in-person appointments. Online, counselling is on your terms. You prefer to message? Talk through a mic? You can do all that now.

10 - It's much easier to talk about sex online than in front of a stranger in-person.

If you have issues in the bedroom, you need to pick a way of dealing with it that ultimately works for you. Sex is such a personal thing, but talking through a screen makes it easier to be honest.

You can see a therapist or counsellor alone or together with your partner in the same sessions. Online, it's usually best one-on-one for technical reasons. In any case, going online for help with your relationship can give you just the flexibility and courage you need to untangle your issues.


Nathaniel Smithies is founder of - an online therapy and counselling platform which gives users immediate access to counsellors and therapists via the internet.

Users can choose from a global pool of counsellors - meaning that no matter what help you need, or when you need it, you can find a therapist to suit you. Once you have found a therapist that fits your criteria PlusGuidance sessions can take place from the comfort of the user's home via instant messaging, secure video chat or by arranging to meet in the therapist in person. PlusGuidance offers total flexibility and choice by allowing users to speak to their potential therapist before they work with them, which is key to building trust and achieving a successful outcome. The platform is completely secure and the user owns their own data (unlike sessions carried out over platforms like Skype).

PlusGuidance was launched by Nathaniel Smithies in order to break down the barriers that stop people getting the counselling help they need.

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