One in Six Couples Sleep in Separate Beds

One in Six Couples Sleep in Separate Beds

Couples in Britain may be damaging their relationships as it has been revealed that one in six actually sleep in separate beds.

From this percentage, half say that they even go so far as to sleep in different rooms from one another.

It’s all in a bid to have a good night’s sleep as the couples said their sleeping habits often differ from their partners.

Although, in trying to get a good night’s sleep, Brits may be sacrificing their relationships.

Two thirds of those who did admit to sleeping separately said that they felt it was having a negative effect on their relationship.

Over half said that it made them feel distant from their partner as they were not physically close to one another.

A further 42 per cent said that they felt that their sex life was suffering as a result of them sleeping separately.

The majority of couples admitted that they had once slept in the same bed but now chose to sleep separately.

Sadly, the majority of couples said that they were now used to sleeping alone and liked it, adding that they would no longer wish to sleep in the same bed again.

Jed MacEwan, Managing Director of Ergoflex UK, who conducted the research, said, “ We’ve seen a pretty impressive rise in searches for single memory foam mattresses on-site over the past few months, and thought it was either down to people wanting smaller beds- or something was happening with couples across the nation.

“Our results suggest the latter, and it seems that many couples in the UK are opting to sleep apart. None seem to mind either and actually claim to like it, despite many saying it’s had a negative impact on their relationship.

“Whatever the reason for sleeping apart, it seems that many simply see it as the easiest way to get a sound night’s sleep; which certainly makes sense in our book. Sleeping apart can help you get the quality rest you need, no doubt putting you in a better mood with your partner during the day.”

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