What would you do if you found out that your partner is active on a dating app? One in five Brits ‘wouldn’t mind’ because they believe this is just part and parcel of the modern day dating life.

Relationships on Female First

Relationships on Female First

With nearly a third of the over 2,100 Brits surveyed for the study admitting to using a dating app while in a relationship, it is obvious that a majority of us are falling into the temptation of having a secret life away from our partners.

Just under half of the surveyed men (46 per cent) admitted to using dating apps while women are found to be less of a victim of “Grass is Greener” relationship syndrome, with only over one in five (21 per cent) of the surveyed women saying they have used a dating app behind their partner’s back. 

35% using modern day dating tools, like apps while being in a relationship serve as an ‘insurance policy’, with one in ten saying it doesn’t constitute as cheating unless you have physical contact.

Online flirting and engaging on dating sites and apps without meeting up might seem like a grey area but for nearly 75% of Brits, it is sufficient grounds for considering divorce. 51% said they would dump their partner if they found them fishing online for a new love, and 50% would expect their partners to quit using dating apps as soon as they became official.

Discovering your partner on a dating app may cause people to react publically in person or on social media forums – is that really wise? Watch this video to see what your options are.